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    You guys are the absolute best. (03.10.2022. 23:43)
    Apostilles and Document verification is in intimidating also isnaley hard, which is why it is neccessary to find an experienced and talented professional who will take well thought out process. Through this offering of service, one can depend on us to arrange a meeting with anyone at a convenient place of your choice, gather all necessary documents which is the document(s) needing an Apostille or Authentication. We will notarize and register all primary documentation for you. Extra verifications can be added for Authentication by The admin of State. We will provide the letters for legitimization to ensure Authentication with The Big Stamp of GA. An Notary Needs Authentication by the Clerk Cooperative Authority who gices the Apostille that is accepted by cities that are members of the Group. when you get a chance have a look of my Atalnta mobile notary and apostille spot: form 6166 around Midtown Georgia
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    Зарегистрировался на сайте FriendsOnly.me, оформил 3 х дневную пробную подписку, где было указано что по из истечении она составит 699 руб. в месяц. По окончании срока подписку я отключил, карту в личном кабинете отвязал. Однако ночью произошло списание на покупки по 699 р. На общую сумму 7689 р. Как я могу вернуть денежные средства?
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